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The word AmeriCAN® was stylized but not created by some Madison Avenue executive or advertising agency or any marketing ploy to promote some business or political group. It was created by a person perhaps just like you! Immigrant grandparents a veteran, who was injured on active duty, first male to attend college and has one goal, to inspire you to know the facts. Some have been declassified from government and private sources and may shock you! You already know those actions that everyone can do each day that will create jobs all across America. You can make a difference and be rewarded!
For your commitment to help you will receive actual shares in the company stock FREE of charge, no gimmicks.
 It is a reward for your pledge and participation in
the AmeriCAN® Challenge 
Together we will create more employment opportunities than any political promise. Always wear carry and/or show your colors 
AmeriCAN® It will inspire and remind others to use the Free App when buying products. The result is the creation of Jobs because of your demand!

The GNP determines the health of the economy, and 75% of that GNP determination is based on consumer spending. We all now know what we buy, but from whom will determine our future. We know the problem, but we don't know the facts when we need them most in a store or online. Every time when we are out and about you need to show you are a member of the force AmeriCAN®. 

It will serve to remind all when buying anything to check the app before that purchase to know what does help America! 
You now have an app at your fingertips that will show you every product and service. Is it AmeriCAN® or foreign?  


1.) What you can do everyday that will make a difference in the economy and more?
What's the real story behind GM the other car manufacturers and American corporations.
What has been the major trend of American corporations since the 90's that has been and remains a calamity to the American people and the economy?  

4.) Another element in this downward spiral of our economy is Foreign Investment in the U.S.
World Trade Center, what is happening and why you should be concerned and should make your voice heard today? Right after you leave this site!

6.) What is the single greatest waste of taxpayer's money and a major drain annually to the American economy? And no one does anything about it! But I hope you will after knowing the facts. You can make a difference by telling others and wearing the symbol AmeriCAN®